RCSurfrider contest rules and regulations

1. Competitors will wear an event jersey out of the water for the duration of the heat and return it immediaely to the beach Marshal at the end lt each heat. (Jerseys not returned will cost the competitor $20.00.)
2. Complaints must be brought to the beach Marshal"s attention within 25 minutes of the end of the applicable heat. All coplaints must be writen on the comlaint sheet and given to the beach Marshal. Only the head Judge and the Event Director will decide any changes to heats. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and will result in disQualifaction to be determined by the Event Director.
3. Competitors are not permitted ti free surf in the contest area! If you choose to ignore this rule, you will receive one warning before termination from the event.
4. Arguing or fightng wqith competitors or officals wil not be permitted and will result in being banned from one or more events.
5. All compeditors must check in at contest site one hour before the scheduled start of your heat in case the schedule has been changed.
6. Approximate heat times will be available by 7:00 p,m. of the day preceding the event by calling forward Progress at 714-290-0289.
7. Please do not talk to the judges.
8. No littering will be tolerated and most of all, NO WHINING!
9. We do not accept faxed entries.

2003 Fees:
1. As for now membership fee for all pro/amateur RCSurfrider is free.

1. ASP Criteria applies: " The RcSurfer must perfom committed ratdical maneuvers in the most critical sections of a wave with style, power and speed to maximize scoring potenia. Innovative and progressive surfing will be taken into account when rewarding points for committed RCsurfing."The RcSurfer who executes this criteria with the hightest degree of difficulty and control on the better waves shall be rewarded with the hightest scores."
2. Three judges will score each heat monitored by head judge. Scoring will be based on a 1.0 to 10.0 system. Scores between 1.0 and 10.0 will be scored with .3"s, .5"s, and .7"s. The top two wave willbe tallied in all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd round heats.
C. the top two places will advance to the next round.
D. The top three waves will be tallied for the finals.

E. In case of a tie, the next highest wave will be added then re tallied until the tie is broken.