About Us

It all started back in January of 2000 when I injured myself on my hopped up YZ 250 using a paddle tire at Glamis California, breaking my femur and cracking my pelvic bone. I remember lying in the sand dunes, after hitting a huge unseen sand berm doing 55+ mph in the sand…I was shocked, with my leg bent to the side. I could not stand up. My first thought was dang no more surfing Trestles for me anytime soon. Why me Lord?

After 3 /4 months of down-time, I tried standing up on my surfboard again. Surfing has always been my true passion and to knew I wouldn’t be able to get back to the level of surfing that I was at anytime soon. Stoked since age 11, I surfed almost everyday. Good days and bad loving everything about the life style with all the positive entities that go around surfing…I even married a beautiful and smart island girl to help me stay close to the surfing beach.

 Needing something to do on my down-time from work, broken leg guy was very eager to find something new to do or build and ride. The hobby scene seamed the way to go for me at the time.

” Whhaatt no way really I said?” Radio controlled surfing!??? I first  found myself rubbing my eyes, as if I were in a dream. Thinking back  as a kid when we duct taped G.I. JOE on a RC boat at the pool… “Look  that’s perfect bowl section for GI JOE.” I thought. I bought several kits and started building this life changing surfing product. The surfer kit needed special attention to build and to do Aerial’s without damaging the board and figure. The dude and fin would break plus the whole thing would fill up with sea water, NOT GOOD! After a month I was developing new parts, mods and technics. When I got it all improved and figured I would get many deep barrels. Soon small crowds of people would cheer and ask in enjoyment during every session. Where’d you get that? Can you build me one? I new we had something here thinking to myself. I’ve built many RC surfriders/surfers for friends and good people over 20 years with enjoyment. I gave up my collage career and life savings for the love of this sport, RCSurfing!

Fortunately, thanks to my mom, dad and grandparents pushing my talents. My father and his father were mechanical genius’s /electronic engineer. I was born in 1970 with mechanically inclined DNA so I believed. I grew-up always building model rockets, planes, cars and boats since 5 years old. By the age 19, I perched and rebuilt a 1963 flat bottom V drive drag boat. I also landed a job at Yanert Helicopters in upland California. I was working full time on normal helicopters, and airplanes. All my paychecks went to many surf trips around the world. The surfing experience I developed and participated in, combined with intense RCsurfing research & development full time has proven goodness. For RCSurfRider is committed to spread the interest and the full capabilities of extreme but safe RCsurfing. Thank you to everyone for all your support!

Hope to sea ya in the water Aloha, 
Edward Dietrich RCS